Investment or laundering?

Art direction / Illustration / Motion graphics


This programme allows non-EU citizens to obtain a temporary residence permit through the purchase of real estate property or other forms of investment. However, the lack of monitoring of the origins of the invested money enables shady deals. The aim of the video is to inform the general public about these issues and mobilize citizens around the discussion of possible solutions.


We defined an illustration style to balance the gloominess of both theme and narration, keeping the video engaging while allowing for a rich representation of the exposed issues. It was first showcased at the public presentation of the project and was published afterwards on their online platforms.

CLIENT TIAC Video Concept and Voice Pedro F. Neto Animation Direction and Illustration Raquete Studio Film Direction Pedro F. Neto Production Mogadiscio Filmes Project Enhancing Beneficial Ownership Transparency, TIAC 2016 TIAC / TEAM Susana Coroado, Joana Lucas, João Paulo Batalha, João Ramos TIAC / Project Coordination Luís de Sousa, David Marques