An acid jungle for television

Art direction / Motion graphics / Set design


To reflect the interchangeable fun nature of the show, we made a series of abstract environments with funky-interacting geometric volumes, bright colors and arrow patterns. The goal was to set a cool and easy-going attitude that would clearly set Super Swing apart from all other talk shows.

Intro sequence

Customizable intro sequence for the show's segments

One of the intro sequence's four environments, converted into a loop to be used on the studio's background TVs.


To create the set, Canal Q gave us 12 TV screens and one major constraint: the studio had to easily adapt to other shows — namely Sem Moderação (No Moderation), a serious political debate program. To tackle this, we created a neutral environment with a fixed layout of 11 screens and background lighting. The remaining screen was placed in a separate portable box that can be positioned anywhere depending on the show. This structure allows for the identity of each show to shine through and set the right tone, while saving Canal Q precious resources.

For Sem Moderação, the floating screen was embedded in the table.