Super Megamix

Graphic design / Photography

We did the campaign for Infinitos Mil (A Thousand Infinites), a portuguese stand-up comedy show by Pedro Figueiredo. We took it quite literally and set a bunch of 1000s and infinite symbols floating around him.

Infinitos Mil

Vodafone FM

Film direction / Graphic design
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Lisbon / Producer: Diffuse Studios

Although this project for Vodafone FM never saw the light of day, we still love it for the zoetropic animations we created based on artworks from the well-known portuguese illustrators Pedro Lourenço, Tamara Alves and Kruella d’Enfer.

The terrifying life of plants

Window design / Motion graphics / Exhibition design

We did the communication for Carolina Maria’s exhibition at Benetton’s Fabrica Features, in Lisbon. Our virtually-non-existent-budget window design proved quite effective, drawing a large number of visitors to the exhibition. We also created a video teaser for social networks.

Termómetro Festival

Set design / LED mounting / Soldering (yeah)

Wooden lightboxes made for the Termómetro music festival. Strong enough to withstand an overweight frontman jumping on them, they can be piled up or put side by side to create different stage setups.

Línguas de perguntador

Illustration / Motion graphics

An intro sequence for a Canal Q segment, which roughly translates as "Asking Tongues". We love that bee.

TAP Maintenance and Engineering

Entirely built by hand, this airplane engine was filmed in stop motion for an internal communication video.

Raquete v0.00001

This was our very first logo. It used a custom typeface which was meant to mutate around base anchor points (but it never did). All projects below were done while we were still working independently.

100 IDs

Film direction / Graphic design / Stop motion



Vienna Design Week 2012

Motion is solid

Collage / Illustration